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Brand New Co-working Space in TOKYO


We are pround to announce that we have opned a brand new co-working space in Yoyogi Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

This space is unique in that the entire building is dedicated to co-working and meeting spaces.

The 1st floor is designed for wheel chair acceccibility, with desks purposely created a little low, the printer/scanner is also specially ordered, and a spacious W/C.

The 2nd floor is created for those who wish to focus on their work.  We ask our guests to quietly use this space.  We have lockers for those who wish to keep their personal belongings stored safely.

The 3rd floor has 3 private meeting rooms with sound proof walls, and tables in the open area for quick chats with clients.

The roof is also released to all our guests for a place to relax and “get away” from daily stress.

Please contact us any time for any questions or for applications.

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