GOODWORK is a Co-working facility produced by Asahi Homes, a trusted Serviced Apartment provider for the past 45 years.
GOODWORK is unique in that the entire building is dedicated to Co-working.  From the 1st floor where we have wheel chair accessible desks and a multi-purpose W/C, the 2nd floor is a work place with 2 open desks that easily seats 6 people, 1 standing desk, and a sofa area for those who wants to relax and work at the same time. The 3rd floor is where we have 3 sound proof meeting rooms, and open space for congregating with friends and clients. We also provide roof access where we have placed a wood deck and benches for just chilling out.

GOODWORK is built for comfort and stress free working environment for whomever is in need.
All our staff can support you in English for any questions you may have about our facility or generally about Japan.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q What is the nearest train station?

A Yoyogi Hachiman Station on the Odakyu Line or Yoyogi Koen Station on the Chiyoda Line is the closest.


Q Is there a parking space for bikes?

A There is a public parking lot just 2 mins away (Free for 2 hours, 100JPY per every 10 hours beyond the first 2 hours)


Q Do you have a parking lot for cars?

A We do not and we ask you to park in one of the near by public parking spaces.


Q What are your business hours?

A We are open on Monday to Friday from 9AM to 7PM.  Saturdays are reserved for monthly members only.


Q Which days are you closed?

A Sundays, Holidays and the New Years.


Q I would like to take a look at the facility.

A We always accept a viewing, please contact one of our staff members to reserve a time/date.


Q Is there wheel chair access?

A We have designed the first floor to be wheel chair friendly with low tables and a accessible bathroom.


Q How can I pay?

A We accept cash, credit and most major digital payment methods (ie. PAYPAY/LINE PAY/AU PAY/QUICK PAY/)


Regarding Use of Facility


Q Do I have to make a reservation?

A For drop-in guests, reservations are unnecessary but it would be a good idea to call in advance.  Meeting rooms must have a reservation to use.


Q Do all people use the space for business?

A We have many customers that use our meeting rooms for workshops and classes/tutoring.


Q Are there private desks?

A All seats are free spaces and we do not have any private spaces for rent.


Q How do I connect to the internet?

A Each floor has a designated Wi-Fi access point and also LAN ports at most desks.


Q Can I use the printer?

A The printer on the first floor is capable of copying/scanning and fax.

Scanning and Fax is free but we charge a copying fee.


Q Are there electric outlets available?

A Most desks at GOODWORK has a single outlet and we lend out extension cords if necessary.


Q Can I eat in the building?

A We do not have any restrictions for eating in the building, but please do mind others and please put the trash out in the first floor garbage can.

Q Are there smoking areas?

A We ask our guests to use the ash tray outside the 3rd floor elevator hall or on the Roof.


Q Are phone calls aloud?

A Sure, on the 1st and 3rd floor is OK, but the 2nd floor is a quite floor so please refrain from talking there.


Q Can I leave just to get lunch?

A Yes, it is ok to leave temporarily, but please be careful when leaving your belongings.  Also please be careful because we close at 7PM and you cannot reenter after.


Q Are there lockers?

A We rent out lockers for 2,200JPY per month


About tje Meeting Rooms


Q How many people fit in your meeting rooms?

A We have a 6ppl room for 1,650JPY/Hour, and the 4ppl and 5ppl room is 1,100JPY/Hour.  Prices can change, so please refer to our meeting room page for accurate information.


Q How do I make reservations?

A We ask that you make reservations through our Meeting Room page.  The link should be at the top of this page.


Q Can we bring in equipment for meetings?

A If the size of the equipment fits in the room, no problem.  We do ask guests to let us know in advance.


Q Can we extend our reservation?

A If the room is available, extensions are not a problem.  If there are other reservations booked, we will check if other rooms are availabe.


About Monthly Memberships


Q What do need to sign up?

A Please submit the appropriate web-form located on our PRICE page.  You must attach some kind of photo ID and fill out the form correctly.


Q How fast can I start my membership?

A Once the form is submitted, we do a quick inspection and if all is OK, you can start in about 3 business days.


Q How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

A We ask you to fill out the cancellation of membership form.  Please follow the link=>GOODWORK解約フォーム
If you wish to end your membership at the end of March, you must submit the form by February 20th.