Good Work is a Co-working facility produced Asahi Homes, a trusted Serviced Apartment provider for the past 44 years.
Good Work is unique in that the entire building is dedicated to Co-working, from the 1st floor where we have wheel chair accessible desks and a multi-purpose W/C, the 2nd floor is a work place with 2 open desks that easily seats 8 people, 1 standing desk, and a sofa area for those who wants to relax and work at the same time. The 3rd floor is where we have 3 sound proof meeting rooms, and open space for congrigating with friends and clients. We also provide roof access where we have placed a wood deck and benches for just chilling out.

Good work is built for comfort and stress free working environment for whomever is in need.

We are currently offering a Special Pre-Opening Discount!! For more information please clidk the LINK!!